PTA meeting TONIGHT and cookie due dates

Reminder about the PTA meeting TONIGHT, Tuesday, Oct. 17th, 6-7pm with pizza and babysitting. Agenda includes: Voting on this year’s budget, Principal Gaines talking about parent-teacher conferences and the implementation of student-led conferences, Principal Gaines talking about testing, Jenelle M Thompson-Keene discussing Feeding Our Kids, Suzanna Torres Coats discussing the upcoming Book Fair, and Regan Hunt Phillips talking about the Otis Spunkmeyer fundraiser.

Here is some follow-up information about the cookie fundraiser. Forms are due in no later than Friday morning, Oct. 20th!

We hope you are having fun with the Otis Spunkmeyer Cookie Fundraiser!  It’s not only a great way to teach our kiddos about setting and working toward goals, handling money and being a part of a team but it’s a FANTASTIC way for us to earn money to improve our school!

Remind your little ones about the fabulous prizes we have! Sell 6 items =  cotton candy, Sell 12 items = 1 free chocolate chip cookie dough FREE, Sell 18 items = a limo ride to Jupiter’s for pizza and games with Mr. Gaines (28 items combined for siblings), The highest selling class gets a PIZZA PARTY at school!  Mr. Kaeding’s class took this award last year and it was FUN! If every student sells 8 items the WHOLE SCHOOL will get a sno-cone party!! Every child that turns in orders next week will receive a prize, no matter how many they sell.


  • Tuesday 10/17 at 6pm (at the PTA meeting)  Join us to stay in the loop! We are looking for volunteers and ideas for Fallapalooza 2018 and we invite everyone to be a part of our PTA. We are stronger together.
  • Thursday 10/19 at 2pm
  • Friday 10/20 at 7:45am (LAST DAY!!)

We will be in the front hall by the office collection order forms and money. 

  • It’s easier if the teachers don’t have to worry about keeping track of orders & money.
  • Please turn in BOTH COPIES of your form.  You will get one back with the cookies.
  • Please make sure your forms are complete with your name & phone AND teachers name.
  • Please make sure all checks have phone numbers on them.
  • Each child must have their own separate form.
  • For donations, count each $10 as an item and include it on the form totals.
  • You do not need to add online orders to your form.
  • We accept cash & checks (made payable to Robeson Elementary).  If you have check made out to you, please consolidate and write one to the PTA.


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