About the PTA

The PTA works closely with the school and Robeson families to support our students’ education. Our work supports teachers, school improvement, curriculum, student development, equity, and more. This page contains information on the board and committees, and other pages contain information on fundraising, events, and how to get involved. Please contact us (information below) if you are able to serve in any capacity!

To join the PTA, sign up with the membership form that your student brings home at the beginning of the year or sign-up online at our MemberHub site.

2018-2019 PTA Executive Officers

President – Kristi McDuffie


Vice-President – Karen Shelton


Treasurer – Suzanna Coats


Secretary – Melissa Ames


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Robeson PTA Committees 

Book Fair

Suzanna Coats, Chair. Hosted during fall and spring parent-teacher conferences.  The Scholastic Book Fair is a fabulous opportunity to buy your student affordable books, purchase books for your student’s classroom, and support the school.  Funds earned from the book fairs go toward buying library books and classroom Scholastic News.  The last couple of years, the Scholastic fair and PTA were able to buy one book per child in our school! Committee members are needed to plan the event and work the book fair.


The fall book fair is Oct. 25-27 during parent-teacher conferences and online. The spring book fair is Mar. 15-16. See the calendar for details.

Box Tops Fundraising

Suzanna Coats, Chair. Box Tops for education is an established school fundraiser that Robeson participates in. Committee members are needed to help collect and count box tops, as well as work on the monthly classroom contest. Send box tops in with your student!


Budget Audit

Kelly Loschen, Chair. Budget work is an important part of the PTA. The Budget committee works with the Treasurer to oversee the annual budget audit on the PTA’s finances.

Building Council

Melissa Ames, PTA representative. The PTA has a representative that sits on the Robeson building council (composed of members of Robeson teachers and staff). Meetings are currently held monthly on the 2nd Monday of the month after school.


Kristi McDuffie, Chair. Regan Phillips, Chair of silent auction. Fallapalooza is the Robeson annual fall festival and fundraiser. We need a large committee to plan games, food, entertainment, and the silent auction. Volunteers are also needed to work the event. This year’s Fallapalooza is Friday, Oct. 5, 5:30-7:0pm.

Family Arts Night

Sarah Madden, Chair.

Family Science Night

TBD, Chair.

Fun Day

TBD, Chair. Occurring often during the last week of school, the PTA hosts a fun day for the entire school that involves bounce houses, snacks, and games. Committee members are needed to schedule the activities and classes. Volunteers are needed to work the event. 

Playground Committee

Cory Rolfe and Tina Rolfe, Chair. This committee is spearheading a new playground and fundraising campaign. Committee members are researching options and pursuing sources of funding. 


Hospitality Committee

Dana VanDeveer-Jones and Traci Schurvinske, Chairs. This is one of the most important committees! The hospitality committee spearheads the teacher and staff appreciation events, including birthday trinkets, monthly meals, and more. This committee also plans and executes Teacher Appreciation Week. Look for sign-up genius links to donate to monthly meals! 



Melissa Ames, Chair.

Multicultural Night

Mary Reger, Chair. Multicultural night, occurring in late spring, showcases the diversity of Robeson families and the greater C-U community through exhibits, entertainment, activities, and food. Committee members are needed to plan and host the event. 

Otis Spunkmeyer Fundraiser

Regan Phillips, Chair. This cookie fundraiser is a major source of funds for the PTA. Committee members are needed to market and distribute information, collect information, distribute cookies when they arrive, and plan and host the rewards. The fundraiser runs from late Sept. through late Oct.  

PTA Council

Kristi McDuffie, Robeson PTA representative.


Rocket Newsletter

Liliana Hanlon, Editor. The monthly PTA newsletter is a major source of information, and it is sent home with students. It contains information about events, people, activities, and more. Committee members are needed to generate content and distribute the fliers. See the About the PTA page for current and past newsletters. 

School Planners

Traci Schurvinske, Chair.


Leah Gomez, Chair. Robeson attire is a great way to show your school spirit while also contributing some funds to the PTA. Committee members are needed to design and solicit attire, as well as sell the attire throughout the year. 

Screen Free Week

Kristi McDuffie, Chair. Screen free week is a national initiative to encourage students (and families) to spend one week without television, video games, tablets, and so forth. Committee members plan and host alternate events for students to attend, such as putt-putt, skating, ice cream socials, and so forth. Volunteers are also needed to distribute and collect tracking sheets and plan rewards. 

Website and Digital Presence

Kristi McDuffie, Chair. The PTA is increasing its digital footprint in an effort to increase avenues of communication. Committee members will help manage this website, the Facebook page, and emails. Please submit any announcements that you want advertised! 

Robeson Clubs

Drama Club

Tatiana Stine, Chair. Drama club runs in spring for 3-5 grades. The 2017 production was School House Rock and the 2018 production was Annie. Look for information to come home in school folders and on the Facebook page.

Really Big Numbers Club (RBNC)

Jonathan Thomas-Stagg, Chair. RBNC is one of the most popular clubs at Robeson. It’s a science-based inquiry club administered by grade level (approximately one month per grade, starting with 5th grade and ending with kindergarten). Volunteers are needed for helping administer the club, to provide snacks, and to run the end-of-year showcase.

Running Club

Dana VanDeveer-Jones and Brian Fahey, Chairs. Running club is one of the biggest clubs of the year. Available to all grades, the club often meets on Fridays after school and culminates at the spring C-U Marathon 5k. Volunteers are needed to help chaperone the running, provide snacks, and plan for the year-end events. 

Taekwondo Club

Mary Reger, Chair. The Taekwondo Club gives students exposure to martial arts and skills like self-control and respect. It runs for approximately one-month and culminates in a parent showcase.


To get into touch with any of the board members or committee chairs, email kristimcduffie [at] gmail.com or post to the Friends of Robeson Facebook page. This helps us avoid spam by not posting all emails.

To get into touch with any of the Robeson Elementary school staff, please see the staff list on the school website.